IDEAS 4.0Hendra Setiawan

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Hendra Setiawan is currently working in PT Softex Indonesia as the President Director. He joined the company in 2001 as a Production and Planning manager and worked his way through a few positions before assuming the role of General Manager in 2004 and President Director in 2007. Since Hendra took the General Manager position in 2004, PT Softex Indonesia managed to grow by more than 10 times in Sales turnover and currently manage a bigger portfolio of brands.

In addition to his job in Indonesia, he also assumes the Director’s role in a company in China. Thus, he divides his time between these two countries. Growing up, Hendra spent most of his time overseas. He went to school in
Singapore since kindergarten and moved to Australia and then to United States for tertiary education. He obtained his MBA from Claremont Graduate University in California, where he was fortunate enough to learn from Peter F Drucker in one of his classes. Some of his works influenced Hendra earlier on and inspired him to become a better person. Currently, Hendra enjoys learning about Chinese culture and philosophy for his personal growth.

Hendra counts his family as his greatest achievement to date. He and his wife try to work together to foster a warm and healthy family environment for their children to grow up in. Hendra considers time to be a very limited resource, and being able to spend time with family brings him great joy. Finding equilibrium between family and career is a constant concern.

As a personal philosophy, Hendra believes that his life is like a blank canvas waiting to be splashed with colorful paint. Past personal and career achievements are just that: the past. He believes that he has a bigger role to play in this world than what he has undergone, and as such he is very eager to discover new endeavors that will enhance his personal life and people or communities around him.