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28 years of professional experiences with various industries (banking, retail, holding company and mining), mostly in management level as member of Board of Directors, Board of Executives and Board of Commissioners as well with consistent career and achievement of objectives. Has expertise in General Management especially in Human Resources Management, Corporate Secretary and General Administration. Holds Doctoral degree (PhD) (majoring in Strategic Management) and Master degree (majoring in management accounting) from University of Indonesia (UI), also Master degree (majoring in management) from University of Atma Jaya Jakarta and a Bachelor degree in agriculture industrial technology from lnstitut Pertanian Bogar (IPB).

At present he serves as Secretary of Bina Dharma Nurharapan Indonesia Foundation, Secretary of United in Diversity Foundation, Director of PT Inda Muro Kencana, Director of PT Pelsart Tambang Kencana, Commissioner of PT Kasongan Bumi Kencana and also member of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors at some other companies in Gajah Tunggal Group.