IDEAS 5.0Jalal Rameran

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Jalal is a tireless learner in social and environmental aspects of sustainable development in natural resource based industries, mainly oil and gas, mining, forestry, plantations, and water extraction.  Recently, he develops an interest on controversial industries, such as tobacco.  In the area of business and society issues, his areas of interest include corporate sustainability; corporate social responsibility (CSR); social and environmental performances of extractive industries; stakeholder management; and community development.  He masters the use of all international standards related to CSR.  
His contributes to the discourse and practice of sustainable development through publishing hundreds of articles on related themes; becoming public speaker and facilitating trainings; bridging companies with community, NGOs and government agencies; as well as writing/editing award-winning sustainability reports. He is a co-founder of A+ CSR Indonesia, a social enterprise promoting CSR as tool in achieving sustainable development.  Started in 2014, he serves Social Investment Indonesia, a foundation combining strategic CSR and rights-based community development, as its chair of advisory board.