IDEAS 4.0Apep Fajar Kurniawan

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Fajar is well known as a social worker. His ideas regarding Indonesian youth development and empowerment have been implemented in various programs. Many activities of his ideas have become a history in the Indonesian youth as well as in the International world. The International Youth Forum in 2008 and Asia Africa Youth Forum in 2012 are two among the many activities based on his ideas that have made a large influence on cooperation of youth at global level. Currently, the activity focuses on how youth development programs could overcome man complex youth problems. His activities dedicated and concerned to develop good quality values and characters among the young Indonesian generations, through knowledge and skills, based on information technology in different fields; To develop cooperations and to strengthen network among the young generations at national and international levels in different fields. To empower the young generation through education, workshops, and research, with the effort to grow pioneers and leaders having integrity. Moreover, his participation in youth forums at regional as well as global levels have become the media to develop strategic cooperation among the young generations.

In addition to his job in Indonesia He is the Lecture of Tanri Abeng University on of new private university in Jakarta, Indonesia. He joined the university since 2009 to 2012 as Vice Rector of Student. Currently, He is working as a Director with PT. Lintas Strategy Indonesia since from 2011 and he also work as Director Indonesia Student & Youth Forum Fondation since 2010. The Foundation concerned to develop young Indonesian generations who are creative, innovative, progressive, patriotic and professional, having
professional knowledge and skills in various field, and are able to compete at national and international levels. Fajar received his Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and Theology from State Islamic University and his Candidate Doctoral from University of Indonesia in Political Science.