IDEAS 4.0Nia Niscaya

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Nia Niscaya is the Director of International Tourism Promotion of The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of The Republic of Indonesia. Her role is to execute programs set by the Directorate General of Marketing of the Ministry. The general idea is that she has to promote the new 16 tourism destinations Beyond Bali and 7 special tourism interests of Indonesia tourism to major travel shows and sales missions in 16 foreign market focuses. This directorate is the spearhead of marketing and plays an important role in determining the success of the ministry’s marketing target.

This promoting job will never be done without the participation of tourism industries and various stakeholders; this is where Nia comes in. Before she took part, the promotion in several travel shows had been a total mess; booths that promote Indonesia were separated on its own, whereas it was supposed to be in one booth. For instance, there would be a booth that promoted Bali, another booth promoted other destinations in Indonesia; in one very same event. This condition led to the confused market of Indonesia’s tourism destinations. It seemed that
Bali was somehow independent. Nia then took over and turned things the other way around. Under her work, other tourism industries worked on the same page, creating a fully efficient work and non-confusing promotions of Indonesia’s tourism destinations, not to mention being able to promote not only Bali –an island that had been famous-, but also other destinations that could be as interesting as Bali itself. The condition where all tourism aspects work under the same roof, automatically promotes Beyond Bali destination, which is in line with the policy of the Ministry.
As an outcome of Nia’s hard work and networking skill, other tourism destinations will get benefits from the rising number of foreign tourist arrivals. Their visit will empower local people and contribute to the local development. This will, for sure, create a brighter future for Indonesia.