IDEAS 3.0Anak Agung Bagus Sudharsana

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Bagus Sudharsana started his carrier as a civil servant in 1985, and Sudharsanacarried out the Government Project in Education and Human Settlement in Bali Province during 1987 until 1997. In 1997 he become Head ofUrban and Town Planning Agency Denpasar Municipality. When he was a Head of The Agency, he established Master Plan of Denpasar City. The main job was evaluating and controlling urban and pringe area within green belt conservation.

In 2001 – 2005, he was an Assistance of Development and Administration  of  Denpasar  Municipality.  He  has  responsible  for improving  human  ressources  and  economic  development  to  raise standard living of the people especially in Denpasar City. Many program have been carried out in Economic, Education and Health sectors.

During  Sudharsana  became  the  Head  of  Planning  and Development Board (2005 – 2008) he created Middle Development Plan for Denpasar City and also evaluating master plan of Denpasar City for the next 20 years.  In 2009 until now, Sudharsana leading Environment Agency Denpasar City and he has launched Denpasar Clean and Green which opened by Minister of Environment, Mr. Rachmat Witoelar in Serangan Island, Denpasar, Bali Province. In addition, he created the innovative program called “Serangan Island Festival” and “Serangan Echo Village”. This   program   consisted   of  Coral   Transplantation,   Mangrove Conservation, Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. The mission of this program are to improve the economic, ecology and education of the local community.