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Helmy Yahya is a very popular entertainer-entrepreneur in Indonesia. As an entertainer, he is dubbed as The Indonesian King of Quiz for he has created and produced more than 40 television quiz formats broadcasted in all prominent TV station in Indonesia. Some of his formats has been produced in Malaysia and Singapore too. In some format that he created and produced, he has been also playing the role as the host that has won many awards. Not only that, he is also crowned as The Indonesia King of Reality Show for he has created, produced and hosted more than 40 reality shows. With PT. Triwarsana, a very dominant production house he owned, he has produced more than 100 TV Shows that won many awards, such as Panasonic Award (The Indonesian Television Award) and Asian Television Award as The Host, The Creator and The Producer.

Helmy Yahya is also known as an energetic and very creative person in many kind of art; television, movie, event organizing and books. He is also one of the giant in event organizing for the opportunity he has got to organize the biggest event ever in Indonesia; The Opening and Closing Ceremony of Southeast Asian Games 2011 in Palembang, South Sumatera. The event that consumed almost US$ 15 millions is admitted to be The Most Spectacular Event in Southeast Asia that involved more than 10.000 artist and production professional workers. The spectacular show that was supported by lighting, sound, audio-visual, firework and stage-decoration of the latest technology has caused the huge pride in the heart of Indonesian spectators and athletes that pushed them to grab the most gold medals amongst other ASEAN countries.

He was also appointed as the chairman to organize The Opening and Closing Ceremony of Indonesian National Olympic Games in Pekanbaru, Riau. As an artist, Helmy Yahya is one of the highest paid Master of Ceremony (MC) in Indonesia. He is also a top level of TV presenter, moderator, sport caster and auctioneer. Supported by his inspiring background for he has grown from a very poor family, he is now completing his profession as a prominent public speakers, a walk the talk one, who shares to his audiences the values and lesson how he can reach his stardom and success. He is invited to share about success, sales, entreprenurship, communication, creativity, change and also public speaking.

In addition, Helmy Yahya is also known as a very creative entrepreneur, not only from his creation in television and event organizing. He is a calculated risk-taker and he has invested in many fields, ranging from restaurant to coal mining. He is now very concentrated in a new business; property. He just established a very creative property broker that shows his listing of property through the TV program he produced, a magazine and a website titled Property on Sale. Enriched by his experience in television, marketing, sales, popularity, he is now in the middle of e very exciting stage of profitable business.