IDEAS 4.0Kemal Soeriawidjaja

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Kemal Soeriawidjaja is the Executive Director for Company-Community Partnerships for Health in Indonesia (CCPHI), a non-profit organization that facilitates partnerships involving Companies, NGOs and local governments for healthy and sustainable community. CCPHI assists in increasing the availability of partnership information to national audiences in order to encourage more

Mr. Soeriawidjaja brings a wide-range of expertise to CCPHI’s mission. He has had 15 years of experience in the corporate sector including with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Hilton International, and TNT Express Worldwide in the area of sales, marketing and general management. He has 11 years of experience in development issues including health and education, working as a community mobilizer, regional coordinator, advocator of interactions with local and national government officials, facilitator of public-private partnerships and a contracts officer. He has worked for international organizations including ILO, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs, Abt. Associates, the Education Development Center and Public Health Institute.