ProgramIDEAS 1.0

Started last August for the first time, IDEAS is a one-year program designed to help Indonesia confront its challenges more effectively. It does so by engaging leaders across sectors to jointly step forward and take on Indonesia's complex challenges of conservation, education and business/social enterprise by going through a profound learning process. Together, they identify the root causes and collectively develop a closer relationship to work together and evolve a commitment to implement the solutions that are created.

Unlike other programs, which are too theory-focused, IDEAS is a practice-based journey. After an orientation and a few sessions on System Thinking and the Theory a set of principles of problem-solving and innovation developed by MIT's world renown professors Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer's IDEAS fellows spend the rest of their curriculum on building prototypes (projects), retreats, field trips, practice-sharing (shadowing), and other group-based activities.

Amelia Gozali

Business Analyst

Andy F. Noya

Kick Andy Host
Metro TV

Catharina Widjaja

PT. Gajah Tunggal Tbk .

David Nellor

Business and Policy Consultant, Adjunct Professor
National University of Singapore

Dewi Tjakrawati

2 Nyonya Batik

Edwin Hidayat Abdullah

PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk.

Emil Bambang Sumirat

Chief Technology Office
Epicentrum Technologies

Endy Mouzardi Bayuni

Chief Editor
The Jakarta Post

Francisia Saveria Sika Seda

Chair of Graduate Program, Dept. of Sociology
University of Indonesia

Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri

University of Indonesia

Hermawan Wijayanto

Conservation International Indonesia

Hernani Sirikit

LKM Media Watch

James Putra Nababan

Chief Editor
Metro TV News

Ketut Sarjana Putra

Director of Marine
Conservation International Indonesia

Kristanto Hartadi

Head Department for Media Relations
Total E&P Indonesie

Lestari Moerdijat

Deputy Chairman
Media Group

Lukman Niode

Architect Associate and Urban Planner/City Planner
PT. Unitri Cipta

Michael J.P. Widjaja

Vice President Director, Real Estate Division
PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk.

Ongku P. Hasibuan

Kasongan Bumi Kencana

Priscillia Suntoso

Security and Defense Advisor
President’s Advisory Council

Rachmat Susetyo

Deputy Director of Plant Operation
Nissan Motor Indonesia

Rahni Lowhur

Corporate Secretary
Media Group

Ratna Maya Sari Soeharto

Corporate HR Director
PT. Makasar Tenen & Group

Reino Ramaputra Barack

Executive Director, Senior Vice President
PT. Global Mediacom Tbk.

Rofikoh Rokhim

Economist, Lecturer, Researcher Bisnis Indonesia

Sondang Anggraini

Expert Assistant
Ministry of Trade RI

Triarko Nurlambang

Head of Research Center for Developmental
University of Indonesia


Director of Social Forestry
Indonesian Ministry of Environment

Yohanes Surya

Surya Institute