IDEAS 6.0 Atika Nur Rahmania

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Atika Nur Rahmania graduated from Communication and Media Studies at  University of Indonesia in 1996 and joined the Jakarta Provincial Administration in 1998 and was assigned to Regional Planning Agency. She eearned Master’s degree scholarship in  University of Indonesia, majoring on Social Development  Studies.  Tika contributed in designing budget planning  information system, also known as E-Planning and E-Budgeting. In 2011, Tika was transferred Jakarta Tax Agency to set  up the new 43 county tax office. Since then, she has been  focusing her work on reshaping local tax administration system  through tax reform initiative, collaborating with Ministry of  Finance and Asian Development Bank. In the last 7 months,  she engaged with Indonesian Corruption Eradication  Commission to improve tax compliance. She also joined  several organizations under Jakarta Provincial Government  supervision such as Jakarta Craft Council, Jakarta Cancer  Foundation, Jakarta Friends of Museum Foundation.

Through  those organizations.  She helped develop a few programs,  such as RPTRA (child-friendly integrated public space), Jakarta  Creative Hub, Temporary shelter for cancer treatment and two  on going projects which is The Revitalization of Jakarta Old  City and the Reborn of Ismail  Marzuki Cultural Park.