IDEAS 6.0Chusnunia Chalim

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Chusnunia is a young woman politician who started her political  career as a member of Indonesian legislative parliament for Lampung  representative on 2009 - 2014, in the second period she got re-elected as legislative representative on 2014; and turned to be  executive politician in the Regent election 2015. Since she became the  regent, she made a lot of program to catch up her regency's lag with  the other regencies in Indonesia. She is known as a leader who is  close to her people even very close without any distance. The people  could submit complaints and suggestions directly to her personal  phone number. She makes the program based on the people need  and she always involves the community in it so that the program that  will be issued is not in vain. That is a bit biography of the figure of  chusnunia or familiar in call "nunik”