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Dr. Illah Sailah  is a PhD holder in chemical engineering, graduated from University of  Queensland Australia, since 1982 has been recognized as a lecturer in Department of  Agro-industrial Technology Bogor Agriculture University until now, and founder of Human  Resource Development Centre in the same University. Even though the background is in engineering field, however Sailah developed the  capacity in management of higher education in serial training conducted by DAAD in  University of Kassel Germany from 2003 to 2007, which discussed management of change,  academic leadership, and learning organization which Peter Senge was one of the main  reference. During the period of 2009 to 2010, Sailah appointed as Director of Academic  Affairs in the Ministry of National Education, which starting to develop Indonesian  Qualification Framework (IQF), and Law of Higher Education, and formulized the Internal  Quality Assurance System (IQAS) for Higher Education Institutions. During 2011-2015,  Sailah appointed as Director of Learning and Student Affairs, assisted universities to  implement IQAS, helped Legislative of Indonesia to finalize the Law of Higher Education,  The Law of Medical Education, and collaborate with the Ministry of Man Power and  Transmigration to finalize the concept of IQF, and assisted the Minister to set and publish  many derivative regulations.  Sailah was also one of the active representative  member in SEAMEO RIHED, and the meeting of European and Asia (ASEM) country, which  discuss a lot of issues in quality assurance system, recognition, student mobility, and  bridging declaration.