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Mubariq Ahmad is CEO of Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) Indonesia since its establishment in March 2016. CSF builds capacity of community of change makers  inside and outside government in policy analysis and design from economics,  governance and business development perspectives to enhance sustainability of  Indonesia’s development. 

Mubariq is a natural resource and sustainable development economist. He has  enjoyed 30+ years of career as economic policy researcher and professional  activist. In 2010-2015 period, he was part of the World Bank’s Environment Team  in Jakarta. Under cooperation of the Bank and Indonesia’s Presidential Task Force  for REDD+, Mubariq led the development of and co-wrote the National REDD+  Strategy. As CEO of WWF Indonesia (2003-2009), Mubariq led the development of  Heart of Borneo Initiative and Coral Triangle Initiative (with TNC and CI) for  adoption by the governments of Indonesia and related countries. In 1997, he co-  founded LEI/Indonesian Eco-labeling Institute, served as the first CEO until early  2000, and finalized the development of forest certification system. While at  NRM/USAID project, in April 2000 Mubariq led a large coalition to organize the  National Conference on Natural Resource Governance and Agrarian Reform which  became the reference of the ensuing policy reforms. Mubariq served as member of the Board of  Trustees of Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (2000-2003), Steering Committee  of the Forest Dialogue/TFD (2000-2008), and World Economic Forum Council on  Ecosystem and Biodiversity (2008-2011).