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Since she was 18 year-old until today, Tsamara Amany has written criticisms, experiences, and suggestions about Jokowi and Ahok’s administration. The collection of articles finally became the book named “Curhat Perempuan: Tentang Jokowi, Ahok, dan Isu-Isu Politik Kekinian” which she launched  on April 2017. This book is expected to make young people interested in politics.  
Tsamara also fought for the rights of  new young voters who could not give support to independent candidates in regional election. The Constitutional Court granted the judicial review and now new young voters can give their ID to support independent candidates.  At the same age, she served a four-month internship in 2016 at the Jakarta governor's office. During the internship, they simplify many regulations in order to create a good business environment.  They managed to increase Jakarta’s starting business index 16 ratings up from 167 to 151 in World Bank Ease of Doing Business Survey 2016. When she was 20 year-old, she and her intern friends established a non-governmental organization called “Perempuan Politik” to educate women about Indonesian politics. In April 2017, she decided to be a politician by joining Indonesian Solidarity Party and become the youngest political party vice chairwoman in Indonesia. In the academic field, Paramadina University gave her a scholarship achievement in 2017 for being an outstanding student. Also she was chosen as Graha Mahardika Paramadina’s ambassador  2015 as a student who represent Paramadina’s values.