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Vikra is a Chief Marketing Officer at He was born in Jakarta to a mother and father of Sundanese origin. At the age of 11, he participated in his first international summer camp program from CISV in Jacksonville, Florida for one month, learning about peace and cultural diversity along with other children from different nations.

His family moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2004 following an opportunity to gain permanent residency. He studied at the University of Auckland Business School, majoring in Marketing & International Business. The work environment in New Zealand allowed him to have plenty of work experiences since the age of 15, including working full-time at a technology start-up company called Gopher. After a year in Gopher, he resigned and went on to pursue his own start-up while working for one of his dad’s soccer school company to earn income. In 2014, he met Timmy who was starting Kitabisa at the time, and decided to partner to build and grow what has now become Indonesia’s fastest growing online fundraising and donation platform.