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Gouri Mirpuri is the co-founder of The HUB Singapore (, the first co-work communal space for social entrepreneurs in Asia. She is mentor to numerous start-ups and on the board of several social innovation initiatives across Asia. Her twin passions for Social Entrepreneurship and Environment Issues started when she developed The Learning Farm ( a decade ago. It is today an award-winning residential program providing vulnerable youth in Indonesia the appropriate agricultural and business training to become farmer-entrepreneurs.

Gouri was a TEDx speaker in 2012 based on the series of witty cartoons she developed for people to take local action for the environment. The series is called 40 Green Tips. She founded I-Hear in 1998, and it is today the largest support and advocacy group for the deaf in Jakarta.

Gouri has also published several books and was the environmental columnist with Globe Asia. Her last published books are Eco Heroes of Indonesia and The Jungle School, the story of Butet Manurung, who has dedicated her life to bringing literacy to the indigenous people of Sumatra. This book is now a major feature film, Sokola Rimba, and winner of two prestigious awards at the Indonesian Film Awards.

Gouri has lived in various countries over the past two decades, including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Canberra and London. She now resides in Washington DC with her diplomat husband. In the US, she is on the boards of various organizations that deal with youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and the environment. This includes THIS for Diplomats, the Environmental Film Festival and Compass Partners which brings Social Entrepreneurship to university students in the US. She is also President of the Asean Women’s Circle and Vice President of International Neighbours Club 3

Gouri graduated with a Masters in Linguistics from the National University of Singapore in 1984. After starting her career in academia, she spent most of her professional life working in change management, public relations and more recently on social entrepreneurship. She is a proud mother of two children, who patiently support her in her many passions.