IDEAS 5.0Hilman Zaeni

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Hilman Zaeni is an Indonesian Air Force Officer and he is Lieutenant Colonel now.Hilman is a Helicopter Pilot. He was graduated from Indonesian Air Force in 1997. After graduated fro Indonesian Air Force Pilot he joined 8th Squadron at Atang Sendjaja Air Force Base in Bogor West Java. He had sent to almost all arround Indonesia to get his job as a pilot, Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Papua.

He was promoted his job from Indonesian Air Force Pilot Officer and his present job is a Chief of Potential Aerospace.His task as a Chief of Potential Aerospace at 1st Command Operation has to plan, coordinate and manage some of air force base about air force potential.   Beside that he has to assist his chief and commander, Operation Assistant and Commander of 1st Command Operation.   In order to achieve The Indonesian Air Force goal, to be the first class air force.