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Ir. Ignatius Warsito, MBA is a Senior Government Officer at the Ministry of Industry, the Republic of Indonesia, and as a Chemical Engineer getting a scholarship graduate program from World Bank to study of Business Administration at Cleveland State University, Ohio USA in 1996. Warsito as counterpart from the Ministry of Industry for GTZ Germany, JICA Japan and CBT Australia in the field of Industrial HRD in 1998. Warsito became a special staff for Minister of Industry and Trade, the Republic of Indonesia in 2000. Warsito organizes ICT Investment Promotion program at Comunic Asia in Singapure, CebIT in Germany. Warsito facilitates Roadmap for Indonesia Software & Content Industry and initiates Bandung Techno park Development. Warsito joins to Post-Graduate Program at Jakarta State University in Indonesia on January 2010. Warsito becomes Industrial Counselor at Indonesia Embassy, Tokyo (2011-2014) to bring Japan Industrial Technology to Indonesia, to promote Indonesia Industrial products at Japan market, to facilitate Industrial Business Matching between Indonesia and Japan, to facilitate Industrial Cooperation, and to help Japan potential investors to Indonesia. He currently is a Deputy Director for ICT and Electronics Industry program development and a Senior Lecturer of International Electronics Business Communication from Industrial Leadership Academy, the Ministry of Industry in Indonesia.