IDEAS 5.0Makhdum Priyatno

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Dr. Makhdum Priyatno is Head of Graduate School of Admnistration. This school is provided for government employees who want to be a scholar (under graduate) as well as master degree  (post graduate) in public administration. This school is under the authority of the National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA). Before hand  he was the Deputy Chairman of NIPA for Policy Management and Services. Before becoming a deputy, he was the head of Leadership Training Center in NIPA.

His first eduation degree was in the field of government science from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, his master degree was from the Victoria University of Manchester, England, UK, and he gained his doctorate degree from the University of Indonesia (UI) in the field of Public Administration.

His professional experience gained from all over the world in various fields such as Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Development (Singapore),  Decentralisation (Germany), Human Resource Development Program For The Officials of ASEAN Countries and Administrative Reform and E-Government for Indonesia (South Korea), Public Accountability System Development and Government Administration and Development Course (Japan), Leadership: Attitudes and Skills of successful Leaders (Thailand), Change Management in a Globalised World (UK), and so on.

Personal development training was he got from Asia Works Training Center  from Basic Training, Advanced Course, Leadership Program, and Mastery Course. ESQ Executive Leadership Training was also he got from  ESQ Leadership Center.