IDEAS 4.0Arief Aziz

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Arief Aziz, along with another colleague, co-founded Indonesia and is currently serving as the communications director. is a platform that enables anyone to start their own social campaigns through online petitions. 
He started off as a computer science undergraduate student at Universitas Indonesia. He took up a hobby in the English Debating Society in the university. He then continued to work (and eventually run) a consulting firm called Insight Knowledge Partners that focused on Knowledge Management. The clients ranged from oil and gas companies, financial institutions, to state-owned enterprises. It is there where he found his passion for problem solving and communication.
Along with 2 of other friends, he started TEDxJakarta, the first and biggest independently organized TED event in Indonesia. And there he found his passion for telling stories. There’s not a clear silver line that people can find in his previous work experiences. But in all of those places he found the thing that he is most passionate about is creating a space where people can connect, collaborate, and solve problems together, and helping people tell better stories about what they are passionate about. Also, he loves travelling and scuba diving.