IDEAS 4.0Basuri Tjahaja Purnama

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The President Director of PT. Jababeka Morotai, Mr. Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, was the Regent of East Belitung, Bangka Belitung Island from 2010 until 2015. Mr. Basuri is a charismatic authority leader who is also a doctor. He continued his education in Jakarta after graduating from elementary school. After graduating from elementary school, Basuri continued his school in Jakarta. He studied at the Faculty of General Medicine Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. For his political career, Basuri itself is not actually formidable politician figure, he actually is a public servant who had been involved on health’s world, and also have fully understand the wide range of ins and outs of the government bureaucracy due to his last position as a Head of Midwives on Public Health and Health Promotion of East Belitung Health Department, before his resignation to run as a candidate in Regent’s Election. His career in government continues to rise, however his passion is to pursue nutritional science, which he accomplished with a Master’s and Specialist degree from University of Indonesia in 2003.

Basuri has received numerous awards, including First Exemplary Doctor award in Belitung District and First Exemplary Doctor in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands. During his term as East Belitung Regent, in late November 2010 the District of East Belitung was able to graduate from the “underdeveloped district” categorization. On July 23rd, 2011 East Belitung district received an award from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection for its local government’s policy of issuing birth certificates free of charges. In February 2012, Basuri received an award from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as a Regent / City that has successfully completed the target of electronic-identity card service (eKTP). He was also awarded the Manggala Karya Kencana Award (Satyalencana Wira Karya) by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Boediono on June 30th, 2012 for his outstanding services in encouraging community participation to achieve national population control and family planning program goals.