IDEAS 4.0Daniel Edward Runtuwene

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Daniel Runtuwene is the Corporate Director of World Harvest, an Indonesian not for profit foundation with the purpose of impacting the world through education, community and media services. With World Harvest, Daniel is involved in supporting 2000 children in the Adopt A Child program as well as developing 30 communities through health services, education and micro finances. In addition, Daniel is also involved in giving seminar on Family related issues and Leadership development.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 1992 with the degree of Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, Daniel started working at PT Ultra Prima Abadi (Orang Tua Group), a manufacturing company that produces Formula tooth brush. He then joined the social work at World Harvest foundation and IFGF GISI in 1995. Daniel and his wife Grace have four children, and Daniel love golf as his hobby.