IDEAS 6.0Esther Anne Parapak

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In her role as Senior Grants Manager, she leads the office's grants management  work to ensure that  all grants are made on a timely basis, that  all grantees and grants are in compliance with  local as well as US requirements  for the Foundation, and that  all reports are received and reviewed properly.  In addition, she also participates  in program  monitoring,  which also includes site visits to the grantees offices and on-the-ground  work, facilitates collaboration  across grant programs and is involved in the assessment as well  as program  discussions for  the  office's  BUILD grantees, which  is  Ford Foundation's  large grant program for institutional  strengthening  of organizations.

Esther is also responsible  for  liaising with  the  Foundation's  government   MoU  partners  in Indonesia, which  is now primarily  the  Ministry  of Home Affairs. As Human Resources Manager, she is responsible for handling all HR matters for the office, reporting  to the New York HR office and working together  with other  regional offices to ensure that each office is in compliance with  local manpower  regulations and all employees are provided benefits in accordance with  Foundation policy.

Esther is also a member of the Jakarta office Senior Management Team which is responsible for ensuring that  the office operates smoothly,  making management  decisions for the office together  in discussion with  the  Country  Director.    The team  is  also  responsible  for  the  business continuity   and  security management  of the  office.  Esther did her undergraduate  studies at the  Faculty of  Economics at the University of Indonesia, majoring  in Accounting.   In 2015 she received a full  scholarship from AMCHAM Indonesia to complete  a  Master of Management  degree at Universitas Pelita Harapan, which she completed  in December 2016.