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Silverius Oscar Unggul, better known as Onte, is the founder of Yascita and Executive Director of JAUH (Jaringan Untuk Hutan), one of the leading NGOs working to promote community-based sustainable logging.

His idea about 'konglomerasi sosial' or ‘social conglomeracy’, a simple concept about multistakeholder economics, put him as one of Social Entrepreneur of The Year chosen by Ernst and Young In 2008. In 2009, Onte was elected as a Young Global Leader (YGL) from World Economic Forum. Because of that, Onte was invited to attend their annual meeting in Davos. In 2010, Onte through his work with Telapak was elected as Skoll Social Entrepreneur at Skoll World Forum in Oxford.

Now, Onte work together with CECT to run MM Community Entrepreneurship in Trisakti University, where he is on track to finish his master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility. Onte considers himself a lucky person, because he has had the opportunity to stay with indigenous people in the forest but at the same time he can run discussions with all world politic and economic leaders. Onte has also attended many Executive Education programs such as Leadership and Global Issues in 21st Century at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, System Thinking at Stanford University, and Social Entrepreneur at Oxford University. In 2006, Onte was elected as Ashoka Fellow—one of the biggest network of social entrepreneurs of the world, with fellows including Muhammad Yunus and many leading social entrepreneurs. Together with Veronica Colondam, Onte was appointed as Country Chair of Global Dignity Day, a global movement initiated by the Crown Prince Of Norway, Haakon.