IDEAS 4.0Tri Andarsanti Pursita

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Sita Supomo's skills is primarily in developing and fostering strategic corporate partnership and collaborative action with stakeholders primarily in advancing sustainable development and integrity agenda. With background education and experience Corporate Social Responsibility, she has been promoting and facilitating strategic engagement between business and its stakeholders, including community program development for over 15 years, Her particular passion is fostering meaningful relationship between companies and community in employee volunteering. She believes, employee volunteering is beneficial for the employee, the company and its community.

In developing collaborative action to advance responsible business practices, she blend corporate vision, goals and strengths with values. that is human rights and integrity; stakeholder analysis.  As a LeadershipPLENTY’s facilitator, Sita incorporates asset-based thinking and experiential learning in project development.
Sita, a graduate of MA in CSR from University of Nottingham and Chevening Award recipient in 2004, is appointed President of UK Alumni Ambassador 2012-2013 by the British Council in Indonesia.