IDEAS 3.0Arief Fadillah

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Everybody calls him, Arief, born in Jakarta 47 years ago and married with 3 sons. Before joined Ministry of Trade in 1991, he worked in various field especially in construction works. In Ministry of Trade, mostly his career relates to the planning process and R&D. His career began in Trade Research and Development as a head of sectioc for bilateral R&D in 1998. In the Agency for Reseach and Development, Arief had some experiences in handling some sections, including planning section and reached the third rank position as Deputy Director for Domestic Trade R&D. After that in 2005 Arief had a new post as Deputy Secretary for Planning and Cooperation.
With strong commitment and hard working, effectively since first of July 2011 Arief become a new head of Planning Bureau in Ministry of Trade after previously served as Commercial Attache in Washington DC, USA (November 2009 - 1 July 2011) and Commercial Attache in Seoul, South Korea (February 2007 - November 2009).

His education background as an economic development at Nasional University, graduated in 1988. He continued with Master of Art in International Development Studies at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Novascotia, Canada and graduated in 1997. He also had some experiences in domestic or international training/workshop such Project Management Cycle in Japan, Trade Promotion in Spain, WTO in Taiwan, etc.