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A Master in Applied Social Psychology, majoring in Social Interventions, her expertise and most research is in behaviour change. Since 2001 has been active in research and implementation of Sustainable Development for oil and gas and mining industries throughout Indonesia. Which gave her a wide range and in-depth knowledge about communities in Indonesia and Community Development practices of companies in that sector. In 2005 she won a scholarship to learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development for about one and a half years, including Asia Pacific cases with LEAD Indonesia and LEAD International. Which now certified her as a Professional Development, Asia Pacific region. Since then, she has been doing consultancy for numbers of companies from manufacturing sector, oil and gas, mining, forestry, and services companies; from private, state-owned, to public companies; in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, from framing concept, planning, implementing, to developing Sustainability and CSR reporting. One of her personal community projects involving behaviour change and organic farming which she has been working on since 1997 has received acknowledgements from several countries (Malaysia, Gambia, Japan, Thailand, etc.) through P4S (Pusat Pelatihan dan Pegembangan Pedesaan Swadaya) which now has about more than 400 organizations alike replicated throughout Indonesia.

She is a visiting lecturer in University of Indonesia Faculty of Psychology Post-graduate / Magister Program and a lecturer for Academy for Correctional Officer of Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia.