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Fransisca Ria Susanti was a deputy editor-in-chief of Sinar Harapan daily newspaper with responsibility for conducting the top level editing process, making final decision on content related issues, and lead the
team of journalists and editors.

She has 12 years experiences in the journalism, mostly print and new media (online). She has concern on history, politic, economic, and social issues. Her article “On Sadness in Victoria Park” that was told about condition of Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong, awarded second place in Journalism Awards for Media Reports on Labour Issues in March 2008.

Her first book “Kembang-kembang Genjer” (Genjer flowers), stories of 13 women victims in related with G30s/1965 appeared in December 2006.

She was graduated from Diponegoro University, the faculty of Social and Politics Science in 1998. Majoring in Communication.